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How Big of a Hard Drive Does My DVR Require?

We at 3B Tech provide custom DVR units based on award winning GV capture cards. A common question our customers ask is how much hard drive space they will need. The following interactive chart should give you a good estimate as to recommended hard drive sizes. Please contact us at 877-328-3248 or e-mail sales@3btech.biz if you have any questions, or if you would like a quote on security capture cards, DVR units, cameras, or installation services.

1. Select Model :

2. Select Recording Codec:

Wavelet: 320x240 640x480
MPEG-4: 320x240 640x480
Geo MPEG-4: 320x240 640x480 720x480
3.Select Recording Quality: Low
4. Select complexity of the recording video: Simple
5. Select how many hours per day to record: Hour(s)
6. Enter number of days to record:  Day(s)
  Required HDD Size: Gigabyte(s)