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What Size Lens Should I Use for CCTV?

We at 3B Tech are experts in custom surveillance system installation, as well as your #1 source for CCTV cameras and lens upgrades. A common question our customers ask is what size lens is recommended for their camera setup. The following interactive chart should give you a good estimate. Please contact us at 877-328-3248 or e-mail sales@3btech.biz if you have any questions, or if you would like a quote on lenses, cameras, or installation services.

lens calculator

Camera format1/3"  1/4" 
Object Distance ft.
Field of view    (Horizontal x Vertical)
    ft x   ft
Focal Length Needed  mm lens
1. Enter object distance
2. Enter horizontal or vertical view needed
3. Click the Calculate button to display
    focal length needed